No street Salsa in November, I will be Salsa-ing in Arizona!!

Check out this video of Street Salsa in California!

It LOOKS fun because it IS fun.

Dancing, like singing, does not have a location requirement, you can do it anywhere!  Street Salsa happens all over the world, let’s create it here in Durango!  During First Thursdays Art Walk, Salsera Blanca Social Club will be playing music and dancing in the open air.   It gets hot so bring your water bottle!


We will be filming all summer and putting together DURANGO’s version of this video!  Come join the fun!


What I love about Black Belt Salsa is that every class is loaded with excellent basics to grow my skills and every class teaches me one to several new moves. Less talking and lots of practice. Ed Ferrigan, Relationship Coach
Fantastic day at the salsa boot camp! Erin made it easy and fun for everyone. Can’t wait to get back out there… E.S., Durango, CO
What made this boot camp such a special experience was how these cool hot moves were thought in such a professional way, yet in a very relaxed atmosphere and with so much ENERGY, HUMOR AND HIGHLY APPRECIATED PATIENCE!!! It was sooo much fun! I can only recommend this to anyone who likes to enrich their life’s with dance (and live healthier and happier!) Thank you Erin and all the other instructors for making this an unforgettable fun time! You guys rock – I mean SALSA!!!! B.S., Durango, CO
Your class on Sunday was excellent Erin and I am so looking forward to the program you are launching in Durango! Way fun. E.F., Durango, CO
An AMAZING DAY! Let’s do it again soon! L.N., Durango, CO